Electricity From The Sun

Electricity from the sun, electricity with no pylons

Do you want a progressive solution of electricity production? This is a right place to be.

Electricity everywhere - available for everybody

Mobile power plant stands for a progressive solution for places without electricity. Building power grids somewhere far-off is pretty long and financially challenging. Therefore we introduce a new solution for the places located far away from the sources. Imagine having electricity everywhere in the world just tomorrow. The electricity from the sun is produced by solar power plants. It is a renewable source of energy which only needs the sun and mobile power plant.

The most modern solution for now

We can bring electricity to farther places everywhere in the world. You can have your energy source for your house, hospital, school, factory, city or town. We are introducing currently the most modern technology of solar panels which can produce the electricity in different variety of weather, such as tropical weather, with great results. In connection to the most modern electronical equipment and batteries with High-Tech systems our power plants are a great source of energy.

Easy operation and service

It is unimaginable not to have a power source in Europe. But it is not a rule for all states. Outside of Europe it is the situation more complicated and different. Therefore we are bringing an easy solution which can help to people with no electricity. Easily and fast. We manufacture, deliver, connect and train you how to use it. Mobile solar power plant introduces the renewable source of electricity which can be used anywhere where the sun shines. The electricity can be distributed immediately after the installation and you don’t need any special technical skills. You switch it on and in a minute there is electricity available. The life service is about 20-40 years.

Reliable source of energy is the sun

This unique product will bring electricity to places where it is difficult to get some power. Therefore we created this solar power plant. The only thing you need is some sunshine. More sunshine = more power. The power plant makes the electricity any time when the sun shines and at the same time some device is connected in order to use the energy. Our power plant can use up to 5 spectra of sunshine (in comparison to other panels which can use only 1 or 2). In case no device is connected and batteries are charged, the power plant does not produce any energy and waits in automatic mode,

Automatic operation

Mobile solar power plant works in fully automatized mode. During the day it charges the batteries and produces electricity for the electrical devices. The batteries are charged continuously in order to be always prepared for the following usage. In case the battery energy is already used, it switches off and the power plant starts to charge batteries to save battery from draining. Small amount of energy in batteries decreases their service life. The electronical devices are connected immediately when the sun starts shining. If you don’t use all the energy, the devices won’t be disconnected.

High resistance, long service and warranty service

Mobile solar power plant in steel container means a long-life service and high resistance against negative forces. The steel construction can resist to a hurricane of the strength up to 250 km/h. It weighs 4 tonnes and it has a massive steel construction which can also resist to some thieves. Both side glass solar panels guarantee a long-life service (Glasses in church windows last couple of decades). Glass and metal are long-life materials. After the delivery our experts construct the power plant in the place of order. As a part of the service our servicemen can train the people for the further settings and operation. We guarantee to have a quality warranty service including changing defective parts. Piece for piece. Anywhere in the world. Nowadays, people build enormous immobile power plants, which are pretty difficult to be placed everywhere in the world. It is very expensive and it is usually a huge investment for non-profitable companies.

Our team

Our goal is to bring the electricity to the whole world.


Desing and building the power plants


executive head, international business




Our experience and work with solar panels already started in 2007. We build on-grid and off-grid solar power plants which are designed for far-off places in developing countries

We focus on designing either big solar parks such as MW electric energy or solar power plants places on roofs of production halls, factories, hospitals, airports and many others.

Mobile power plant introduces an energetic revolution and quick change of many people’s lives and increasing their life tempo.

People should not worry about the technical side of this idea. It is professionally built in Europe and delivered on the place of order. The mobile power plant is packed in a steel container which guarantees the safety and quality. The manipulation with the plant is easy. The user does not need any special skills. It is automatic and it sets by itself. The person only plugs the electronical device and the power plant.

There are 1,5 billion people with no electricity in the world. But there is enough power from the sun and therefore we can use it for their benefits. This revolutionary idea will start a new industrial revolution in developing countries

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Pavel Trčálek

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Solution for you

Constructing and building a power plant wasn’t easier. We manufacture the whole construction and deliver to the place of order. Mobile power plant can be placed on the ground with no special conditions. The most important is to have the right angle of sun shining on the panels. This is something we can help you with.

Solar power plant can be also placed on the roof. We suppose that it is not possible to place it on old houses. Therefore we created a house which is a source of electrical energy and at the same time it works as a small house for anyone who would be interested in living there. It is a solution for everybody who do not have an access to the energy.

We focus on project of big solar plant parks and also some power plants on the roofs situated on hospitals, production halls, factories, airports etc.

If you are thinking about an investment, don’t hesitate and contact us. We have 10 years of experience.


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